About – cookies, the site concept, and contact info.

The site concept is that the material stems from bar-room conversations in the Tap Room of a pub called The Brown Cow.  The truth is a little sad, since the original pub has gone upmarket and been re-named. We will not discuss that –


Crabfoot writes most of the material on the site.  You can find Crabfoot on empire .kred if you need advice, or friends on social media.

Crabfoot had a financial crisis in 2005, and spent weekends (cheap rate time on BT) working on MTurk, using a very slow dial-up, to get money for Christmas presents. He no longer works for MTurk, but Amazon allow him to ramble around the Mturk site occasionally.

He has recently been researching the possibilities for crowdsourcing and HIT work available to UK citizens, and writing about his findings on this site. He has a lot of other stuff prepared which you will find here eventually, once he has got the hang of this modern WordPress thing. Some of that material is interesting …

Because there are a couple of affiliate links on the site, and there may be advertising at a later date, there is a legal obligation to provide contact information.

Mail can be sent to crabfoot at the brown cow net, or you can send snail mail to Baxthorpe, unit 17 Kelleythorpe IE, Driffield, YO25 9DJ, which may take a month before a response happens. Calling or texting 074 54 55 17 02 is an option.

The site uses cookies to collect non-specific data, mostly so that returning visitors are not identified as separate people. Anonymous and harmless stuff.  Any advertisers will use them to collect non-specific information about visitors’ habits.  Nothing nastier than you get from using Google …

All posts on this site are expressions of opinion offered in good faith, from which people can hopefully be led to informed judgements and positive outcomes in their lives. No liability will be accepted for defective or incorrect statements, even if they lead people to incur financial loss.