Why HITs get better with time

Generally speaking, completing surveys pays badly, and HIT work pays better – but completing surveys is probably the easiest way to make a few dollars when starting out. There is also the consideration that a lot of people know that HITs pay better, so there is more competition for the available HITs.

Until you have been doing clickwork for some time, you will find it hard to get a living from HITs alone. With time, you get shown more work, the HITs get easier to do, and pay better than when you started.

Why do HITs get both better paid and easier? It is a matter of trust.

First, you have to pass an acceptance test for doing a particular type of HIT, and let us imagine that the overall value of that HIT is $0.12, twelve cents – but you get paid $0.02, two cents as a kindness, because your results need to be evaluated, and there is a cost in doing that.

You are then offered the opportunity of doing that type of HIT for $0.03, three cents. No, the provider is not being mean, the HIT is offered to other people at the same time for the same or different pay. The results are compared, and accuracy is assessed from the overall results.

As you go along and get practiced at doing these HITs they get easier, you do them quicker, and your accuracy improves. You may find that the pay goes up to $0.06 when you have done a hundred or so with high accuracy. In rare cases the pay will go higher, if you are also a quick worker.

Most HITs contain a comparison process with other workers. Your pay is a share of the HIT’s value. When you have shown you are quick and accurate, your share of the HIT gets bigger, and you get trusted to do better paid HITs.