Keep Rewarding and others

Some other sites for ad clicking and surveys –

KeepRewarding gives a similar range of ways to make money to Clixsense, ads to click, surveys, offers, and tasks from CrowdFlower. It is slightly confusing until you get used to the site, and you have found the areas you prefer to use. I prefer it to ClixSense because it has better payout options, including PayPal.

Another site with ads to click, surveys, offers, and tasks from CrowdFlower is DiamondTask. Only pays out through Payza and Paypal. Has a slightly different range of offers and surveys to most other sites.

If you prefer doing surveys only then MintVine was made for you – continuous survey tunnels you can follow until exhausted. Note that some of these surveys do not credit immediately (mostly 14 days later), and are not marked as such.