A Dismal Picture

Weblife presents a dismal picture these days. Here am I trying to make money on the web in a legal and ethical manner, and everything easy I try is geared up to exploiting the poor people of the world who have good comprehension of English.  Working hard for $2 an hour or less is not a lot of help to me.

Here are a few points that may help you make up your mind about some places offering money-making opportunities:

If you are clicking ads for a few cents, some ads will come up time after time.  Mostly, whatever they advertise is not worth the effort, or you need to sell ice to eskimos to make money. I’m not saying this is always the case, but I did try a few.

For example, one scheme has you buying website traffic in the bulk market then selling that traffic to site owners – it even tells you what to say about the traffic to convince people that it is from your own sources, not just paid traffic from clix sites which does not include any buyers (which is what it is).

You get clix sites where you get bonuses for some trivial actions – that is because the rest of the work is so poorly paid, it takes a long time to make a couple of dollars. Other sites that advertise a low payout level, eg. $2, rely on people coming along, working for a while, then just plugging away until they make that $2 so they can cash out and go somewhere else.


Sometimes when you are clicking ads you see something different, just once or twice you see an ad for something that is aimed at the clickworker and might be offering something better than the place that you are seeing the ad.

I have a list of those to investigate –

TakeSurveysForCash .com is my first place to visit.  This says that there are high paying surveys available out there, and you can be filling them in for cash. Once they have your name and email, the page reveals that it costs £39 to get into their system, but then they say that should be no problem because they give you a $50 bonus for completing your first survey.

I get the feeling that this is one of those places where you pay to subscribe, do some work, then find that when the work has paid the subscription you are tired of doing surveys.  After a while you DO get tired of surveys – two at a time is as many as I can take, then I need a break, or I start to make mistakes.

WTH I think I will pass on this one.

KeepRewarding .com looks more interesting.  Cick on the link to see the review page for this and other sites. This looks like it has similar ways to make money to ClixSense, but has the advantage that it pays out via Paypal, whereas Paypal has recently dumped ClixSense and the admin is riled about that!