Android OS – What is Android?

Developed by Android, Google, the Open Handset Alliance and the free software community, is a Linux-based, open source mobile free operating system for mobile devices and mobile phones. While the system is open source, a small but very important part of the code is closed by google, google does not want this part to be reached by anyone else. The supported application extension is “.apk”. Because it’s free from Google, the system is being used more and more by many popular brands, and because of this Google’s reach with their ads is increased. Google is an advertising agency, earning money from advertising, publishing ads on games and applications in the Google Play market that work on the android system, and so on.

Android has a large group of developers who write applications that extend the functionality of devices. There are already over a million apps for Android. The Google Play Store is an enterprise app store run by Google, as well as downloadable Android operating system applications from various sites. Developers first wrote the device in the Java language, controlling it through Google’s Java library.

The Open Handset Alliance announced that it had set up Android on November 5, 2007 and 34 hardware, software and telecom companies agreed that a non-copyrighted operating system for mobile devices is beneficial for the development of technology.

Android is a mobile operating system built on a Linux kernel. This system is written in middleware, libraries and API C language. The application software runs on the application framework, which contains Java-compatible libraries built on top of Apache harmonics. Android uses the dynamic dial-up (JIT) Dalvik virtual machine to run the compiled Java code and has a large programmers-developer environment that works to develop applications that enhance the functionality of the devices.