Way back in history I did a lot of work on MTurk, and I was looking for sites which gave tasks that were similar, but paid in cash.  “Surely someone must have come up with something?” was my thought.

The answer to my thought is that there are sites to be found where people who are not US citizens can make a little cash money.  The bad news is that those tedious tasks are just as tedious and badly paid as the low end MTurk tasks.

The Universal Human Relevance System, to give its full description, is widely regarded as the best alternative to MTurk for non-US people, and can be a good place for US citizens to find crowdsource work, too.

The work is available to people from over 30 countries, and mostly is about categorization of internet data and web pages.   There are often other jobs, like checking vocal recordings, and looking for particular content in text (key word stuff).

When you are looking to get into UHRS, it is important to have Internet Explorer v6 or later running on Windows Vista or a later Windows OS.

As you might guess from the above, UHRS is part of Microsoft/Bing.

If you use XP or LInux, forget it. If you use Firefox or Chrome or Safari or Opera, get a copy of Internet Explorer as well, so you can use UHRS. If you do not go along with this, you will not always get a proper view of whatever page you are trying to work on.  You can only get paid via Paypal, so you need a valid Paypal ID.

You cannot access UHRS directly, you need to sign up to a “partner” site and apply for a crowdsource work job, as a web judge, crowdworker, or homeworker, whatever the job is described as.

The partner sites I know of are 

I know there were/are other partner sites, but when I have checked them they are not making any crowdsourcing job offers.  I am aware that, at the time of writing (Jan 2017), there has been a problem with the issue of the “judge Live ID”s (see below), and that problem is a Microsoft problem.  The sites I have mentioned are currently advertising for crowdworkers, but have not been providing the UHRS tests until recently.
I have seen it reported on the www that isoftstone pay out more/better/earlier than clickworker, but are slower to respond to everything – applications, questions, problems.

Mostly, those partner sites will give you a basic test of your language skills before you can apply for crowdsourcing work.  You might need to look for it, rather than waiting for it to show up.  Somewhere along the line there will be a question about your computer – tell them it is new-ish and running Windows 7 or later if you want to do UHRS work, and be sure that you are using such a machine when you do the tests and the work. Vista is the lowest OS you can use.

You have to qualify to get a “judge” Live ID to access UHRS.  You need to go through a two part qualification test on the partner site.  Part one is the real test, and you know when you are doing OK when you get that judge Live ID part way through part 2.  After access is granted, there are further qualifications to complete on UHRS for each type of HIT.

Mostly, the HITs pay from 1 cent to 15 cents each, but with a little practice people make $5 an hour easily, $10 is not bragging, but a fast connection really helps (to get you to the pages you are judging).  It just happens to be a “lady dog” to get signed up for the system at the moment, and registration is presently closed for some people (eg. Indians) at some partners because they have enough workers from that locale. Oh, yes, and there is a LONG delay on getting paid for the work – 60 days is typical at Clickworkers.

There is a UHRS community on reddit  – where you can interact with other UHRS workers.