If you have no money, but web access is easy, Clixsense is a useful site for beginners to get started with making money.

There are several ways to earn with Clixsense, but they are not all good earners.

Viewing Ads pays a few cents a day, and is mostly as interesting as watching paint dry.

The Clixgrid is a “game” where you click on squares in a grid, each click gets you an ad to view, and if you are very lucky you might win a prize of a few cents to $10. This is less interesting than watching paint dry, and you do have to let the ad run its course. It appears from the winners lists that all the prizes get picked up over a short randomly timed period of every day, usually when I am making a meal or something.

Tasks on Clixsense are HITs supplied by a company called CrowdFlower.  I do not recommend trying these HITs unless you have gained experience from another HIT provider. If you click on the “tasks” button and see tasks available, they are initially  qualification tests. The time allocation is always short, and they are not easy.

I would advise beginners to stay away from these and practice doing HITs elsewhere until you feel generally slick and comfortable with doing HITs.

If you fail the test, you will not be offered another chance for some time.

Don’t click on that “tasks” button until you know what you are doing – then click on it every time you visit the site, if you have time to take a test. Eventually, a HIT or two will appear, and when you see them you have to take the test. If you succeed in passing the test, more HITs will appear more frequently, and you will eventually be able to get good money from them. If you don’t pass the test, you will wait a long time before opportunity knocks again. But DO KEEP TRYING until the door opens once more – it did open again for me.

For a beginner the best way is to fill in surveys.  There are no wrong answers, and after the initial period where the survey company is learning your profile, they can be quite lucrative.

The Offers button will show you some offers that can pay you quite well, but you may need to spend money to take advantage. It may also show you a few surveys, which are likely to ask you for an email address.  That is one reason why you set up a spam email in your preparation, so you can use it to complete those sort of surveys.

There are bonuses available if you complete a range of jobs in a day, and you will not be able to post in the forum until you have filled a job list.  Visit regularly, do some surveys and ad watching, and build up to the tasks over time.  Using this site does get a lot better after a while. You will only make a significant income if and when you get access to the CrowdFlower tasks, you must grasp the chance to do them when offered, and you must be careful not to fail when you attempt those tasks. From the other tasks you can build up some cash, which can let you progress to better things.

Clixsense is no longer able to pay out through Paypal, because Paypal have recently decided that the site contravenes their guidelines, but you can use other systems, eg. Payoneer, to get your earnings. Not that I’d recommend Payoneer unless you already have an account – you need about $30 to buy their prepaid card, their 50 cent virtual credit card can only be had from people using it for bulk pay, not from inside Payoneer.

If you don't understand what the ad is about, don't hit the pay now button!
The offers in many of the ads you see on Clixsense often show atypical earnings figures – those of their best earners – many of those companies rely on people joining frequently, doing a few menial tasks, then leaving before they have done enough work to withdraw cash. The big earners are usually the people who recruit workers, not the bottom-line workers themselves.

You need selling skills for recruitment – that is why most employment agencies are run by ex-salesmen. The things you can learn on here … more sites like this