Preparing For Working Online Part I

If you do not take precautions before you go into the mysteries of web work, you will find that the work will intrude into your private life, and that is something you do not want to happen.

Using your existing social accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, will expose your family and friends to offers and opportunities they do not want to take up – and they will not understand why you continue to send them, even after they have asked you to stop.

Using your usual web browser is also a bad idea, because it is probably laden with cookies and passwords from your normal web life – when you want to set up new social accounts and webmail,  you do not want your browser to log you into the ones you already have set up!

So before you start to work online, take these simple precautions to keep your workspace tidy.

Buy a new SIM for your mobile telephone, using cash.  If you have an old telephone that you can use for this purpose, so much the better. DO NOT put  any credit on that SIM, you only want it for receiving text messages for now, so this should cost you less than £1.

Get a new web browser. You will be using this browser for work only, but you may want to use it when your existing browser is operating, and you cannot use two copies of a browser at the same time without making deep changes to the setup.  So pick another browser – I recommend that you select Pale Moon, or Firefox  if you already use Pale Moon.  Download a copy, take care to stop it from being the default browser for your system when you install it, and make sure not to select any extra “free” programs at the same time.

There are reasons for not using Internet Explorer or Chrome for general work – I will talk about this in part II – for now, don’t think about using an unused copy of either of those which you may have on your machine.

The new browser will not have any of the cookies from your web browsing, and will not have any stored passwords to log you in to the sites you usually use.  This avoids any need to dissociate your existing web life from your new work life.

Oscar Wilde knew a thing or two!

You are now equipped with the right “cutlery” to attack your oyster. Go on to part II.