Preparing For Working Online Part III

Getting off to a good start is half the job done!

There may be times when you wonder just how sensible my suggestions are – but if you follow my advice here, I am sure it will convince you that the silly old fart knows something, and how to make the best of it.

You want to start new Facebook and Twitter accounts, which will stand you in good stead for the future.  I will tell you how to get friends on those accounts in a while, but for now you need to start up again, joining Facebook and Twitter from your new browser with your new telephone number, giving as little info as possible so they do not tie you to your old account, and using your spam email. When they ask where you work you say Empire Kred!

So -what is Empire Kred?  The official explanation is that it is a game – the players buy shares in each other, and get points for interactions on social sites that improve status and kred scores.  There is a lot more to it than that – there are MONSTER social influencers playing the game, it is a meeting place for people who are into all aspects of web biz and social marketing.

For now, you should just join for free and play the game.  There are missions which involve visiting web pages (and usually hitting as many “like” buttons as you can see).  Missions are a way to earn Kred currency – and make contacts.

For a start, link in your new Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Then go out and do “gift” missions and “invest”missions – every time you do a mission, hit the “like” button, give positive feedback, and leave a short message of thanks. Follow the links on the mission provider’s page to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and send friend requests / follow their account.  You will get responses – at least 40% will “friend” you and / or follow you back. If anyone asks who you are, reply that your EK “ticker” is  (e)WHATEVER and you should be accepted. Likewise, if you get an offer from someone you don’t know, asking “What’s your ticker?” will sort out opportunists from genuine EK people.

You don’t need social influence yet – but this is a quick way to build social influence for the future, and starting now means you will have some when you need it.

Now to start some crowdsourcing work – lets talk about Crowdsourcing Sites.