Preparing For Working Online Part II

Web Judging – this means looking at web pages and determining how pages from web searches should be classified. Bing will want you to use Internet Explorer to do this, and Google will want you to use Chrome.  It is important – they use internal commands to serve up the work, and other browsers may not display jobs properly.

Because you may be working as a web page judge for Bing or Google later, it is best not to use either browser for other purposes.  If you do use Internet Explorer or Chrome habitually, your best option is to set up a new user account on your computer for work purposes, so that your browser use does not interfere with your social use of these browsers. If you need to, set up that new user account before you go on to the next steps, and log in to it.

So now you have a browser for work purposes, and a new SIM, which you can use to sign up for almost any site that wants additional identification – and almost everything will ask for a telephone number, these days.

Your next task is to set up a new folder for documents – I called mine “clickwork” – in which you store all the details of everything you sign up for.  I started my folder with a WordPad document marked “personal”, in which I stored two passwords and the phone number from my new SIM.

It is best to use a couple of passwords which can be easily typed, but will not be easy for a stranger to discover.  For example, my aunt used to live at 34 Palmerston Road, so PalmerstonRoad34 would be a useful password for me. I can note that down as P—4 in documents, and know exactly what the password is without having the browser remember it for me.

The first thing you want is a new email account, which you will be using to sign up for those services you select to work at.

Some of the people who will give you work are unable to respond to emails from hotmail / outlook accounts. They do not always publicise the fact, either – you find out when you do not get a response to your carefully filled in applications. Also, some of the people who will give you work have an inherent prejudice about people using gmail accounts, because a lot of scammers used gmail in the past.

For these reasons, I recommend that you choose your new email provider from Yahoo, AOL, GMX or Yandex.  Use your old email address when they ask you for a second email, and have the telephone handy so that you can type in the code they send by SMS during the sign-up process.   That is your best email. Set up a WordPad file for the account details in your clickwork folder, cut and paste the terms and conditions into that file in case you need them later.

Now you have your new email address, I suggest you sign up for another email.  This one is for storing junk mail and stuff you want to ignore.  You will come to realise when you want to ignore spam messages that it is a lot easier to do that by sending them to a separate account. Visit a couple of times to organise which messages to put in the spam folder. Then you can go around once a month and dump all the spam, but you can still get messages in a critical situation. We will call that one your spam email. Again, save the details to a WordPad file.

Now we can move on to Preparing For Working Online Part III.


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