CrowdSourcing Sites – Introduction I


People do not think about making an online income until they are in a bad financial position, then they start to look into the matter. This is a bad approach to making money online. A better way is to treat it as a hobby, on which you spend a few hours a week, which can build up into a worthwhile supplementary income. This site will show you some of the ways you can begin to make money online, and hopefully guide you around a lot of the pitfalls in your way.


It is possible to make $5 to $10 an hour from working online, needing nothing but a PC and an internet connection – AND YOUR SKILLS.  Some skills are in demand, eg. translation, transcriptions from audio, and creative writing. If you have skills that are in demand, you can quickly rise up to that  $5 to $10 an hour income.  But you cannot go online and get it right away. The first thing you will learn is that applications to join the websites that attract you are not instantly accepted, and that some will take weeks to approve your application to join!

Whenever you take a job – any job – you have to build up trust with your employer.  The online sites that provide work have ways through which they let you build up that trust, and they have tests that let you qualify to perform better paid work than the newbies are getting.

Sometimes the tests are listed for you in a separate section of the site, sometimes they are attached to the description of a job, sometimes you click on a job only to find it is a test, or begins with a test.

You build up trust by visiting sites frequently, doing some trivial tasks, and taking those tests. Everything you do well builds trust, so a lot of little things can mount up for your trust score..  Things you do badly are not good for your reputation.  These websites are looking for people that do their trivial tasks right every time, with very few failures. Remember, the site sells the work you do, and the customers want their work done correctly.

There are advantages to starting out with crowd tasks as a hobby.  For example, a lot of “crowd” work tasks involve paid surveys. Having a job is a definite plus point when you want to sign up for those.  Admit to being unemployed when they ask questions and you may suddenly find that the survey is no longer available. But you have to be consistent in your responses – you cannot lie about your circumstances, when you have to make the same entries on survey form after survey form.  Your data gets stored by the survey providers, and they will notice changes to your profile across surveys. If you are recently unemployed, like in the last three months, it is usually acceptable to respond as if you still had your last job.

Surveys are a drag, when you first start out taking them.  You have to fill in profile surveys with every survey provider, and every survey takes much longer to fill in than the few minutes suggested when you click on the button. And then, after you have filled in the profile survey, you might find that you are not qualified to take the paying survey!  After you have taken a few surveys for a provider, you usually find that the processing gets a lot quicker, you waste less time and make more money – do not give up because you keep getting knocked back. As long as you are honest, you cannot give a wrong answer in a survey, so surveys are the most reliable way to make money when you are starting out.
Remember that the more work you do well, the more trust you build with a site, and that will lead to the better paid and easier jobs.  But those jobs usually require you to exercise judgement or use skill, so there is potential for making mistakes. It is better to build up to doing those tasks gradually.  Nobody is perfect, but a lot of those task providers want 99%+ success rates, and they further select among workers by setting time limits on their tasks.

You cannot fake answers to most crowdsourcing tasks!